Our History

BlueSun Technologies was founded on the idea that our customers' need is not just a financial opportunity, but the privilege to help make business better and easier for them. Our founder, Stanley P. Nazaire, has always believed in the intrinsic value of customer satisfaction to our business. We judiciously select our potential customer, by carefully analyzing their requirements and decide whether we are a good fit to provide a solution to their problem and whether we can bring the best value with quality to the customer. Our primary goal is not to provide a service, but rather to provide a solution to a problem that our customer might have. With this philosophy we are convinced that when we chose to work on an opportunity it is because we are perfect fit.

Our Client Portfolio

State Department

Project Management


SharePoint Solutions and Business Intelligence Services


SharePoint 2013 and Nintex Business Workflow Solutions

Laurel Consulting Group (LCG)

SharePoint Infrastructure and Custom Application Development


SharePoint 2010/2013, Project Management