Artificial Intelligence

For many Business Leaders, AI is a blurry and sometimes a threatening prospect. This mindset is indicative of the difference between the perception that Business leaders have of artificial intelligence and the reality of its use. With the proper partner, AI can become the critical business solutions to help propel companies to the top of their industry. BlueSun AI engineers will provide businesses with the right tools to facilitate the implementation and migration to an AI-based business environment. We provide AI business solutions including, but not limited to Process automation, Cognitive

Project Management Office (PMO)

How sound is your Project Management Strategy Project management is filled with obstacles and challenges in the successful completion of a given project. Although many of these challenges possess unique characteristics to each project’s respective industry, project management offices (PMOs) will face three common problems. Changes in Project Scope Challenge a PMO An ideal project would clearly define expectations and scope prior to starting a project. However, project management is not inherently ideal. As the project grows and adapts to demands, which may be the result of changes in

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)/SharePoint Solutions

SharePoint Custom Solutions Development Many organizations purchase one or more SharePoint licenses, only to use SharePoint as a storage system. Does this sound familiar? At its best, SharePoint is not just a repository or storage system, but a business solutions development, collaboration and content management platform. The potential solutions that can be built using SharePoint is endless. Think of SharePoint as a canvas where the possibility of ideas is infinite. Over the last decade, what we have developed together with our SharePoint customers ranges from eco-friendly solutions to


Your Data is only as safe and secure as your IT infrastructure According to, a recent survey by the Ponemon Institute showed the average cost of cyber-crime for U.S. retail stores more than doubled from 2013 to an annual average of $8.6 million per company in 2014.[2] The annual average cost per company of successful cybersecurity attacks increased to $20.8 million in the financial services sector, $14.5 million in the technology sector, and $12.7 million in communications industries. The cost of recovering from a cyber attacks due to unprotected data far outweighs the cost of

Business Intelligenece (BI)

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Your company has been operating for years and you have collected valuable data about your market, your competitors, your customers and your product or service. Somewhere in this vast amount of data is your competitive edge. Unfortunately, you may not know quite what it is. At BlueSun Technologies, we have perfected the art of data extraction on the Microsoft BI platform using familiar products such as Excel, SQL Server and SharePoint. We believe in the four-step data extraction process: 1. Identifying your data mine by collecting similar, different,

Cloud Services

Three reasons why cloud content management matters to you. And your customers I recently came upon this white paper from Docuware – Plan Your Move to Cloud Office Automation. There’s a lot to like in this white paper.  This particular section caught my eye – particularly re organizations that are still “philosophically” resistant to the cloud – “Why cloud matters to you. And your customers.” Reason 1 -- The “weight” of on-premises.  Despite the commoditization of storage, on-premise scale is difficult to achieve. And enterprise software, typically consumed by licenses, is expensive to buy,

IT Infrastructure Management

Data Center Infrastructure Management Tools Eliminate Inefficiencies There is a disease in the data center: skyrocketing energy costs, inefficient infrastructure management tools and the unknown effects of looming regulatory action in the United States. Luckily there is an anecdote: a new group of solutions for data center infrastructure management (DCIM). DCIM solutions graphically display a complete inventory of the data center's physical and logical assets, showing rack and data center floor location and rack heat load.  Using the software, a data center manager can model any move, add or